Het weer



The eastern Lowveld has a subtropical climate with hot, wet summers and cool, dry winters.

Spring and Summer

During this season of the year the bush is green, lush and thick. It is also the time of year when the reserve is filled wiht many newborn animals.
Heavy summer thunderstorms of short duration in the late afternoon and early evening may be expected. Rain usually occurs during the summer months.

Spring: September to November.

Average Temperaturs: Min 20°C (68°F) Max 31°C (87°F)

Summer: December to February.

Average Temperaturs: Min 22°C (71°F) Max 35°C (95°F)

Autumn and Winter

The transition from summer to winter happens quickly in the eastern Lowveld. Temperaturs begin to drop rapidly after sunset and both morning and evening game drives require warmer clothing. The days are good with crisp mornings and cold nights. Now that the rains are over, the veld begins to dry out and game starts congregating around the water sources.

Deciduous trees start losing their leaves and drifts of golden leaves accumulate on the ground around the trees. The grasses, forbs and herbs gradually begin to fade away.

Autumn:   March to May.

Average Temperaturs: Min 19°C (66°F) Max 28°C (82°F)

Winter:   June to August

Average Temperaturs: Min 12°C (53°F) Max 25°C (77°F)